China-Russia friendship

Even after compulsion, China-Russia friendship will deepen, concerns for India in Jinping-Putin meeting?

Even after compulsion, China-Russia friendship will deepen, concerns for India in Jinping-Putin meeting?

Samarkand, September 16: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday praised China’s “balanced position” on the Ukraine war, but acknowledged that China had many questions and concerns over the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin has admitted that, during this long-running war, China had different concerns and different views at different times. Let us tell you that today is the second day of the SCO summit in Uzbekistan and on the first day of the summit, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin met and after that Putin has admitted that China had many concerns about the war.

China-Russia friendshipPresident Putin meets Jinping

This is the first time since the start of the Ukraine war, when Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin have met and President Putin’s remarks have come at a time when Russian forces have started withdrawing from many areas of Ukraine and in the last one week Russia Ukraine has regained control over the areas it had occupied in five months. While China has so far refused to condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine by providing financial aid to its partner Russia, China has also encouraged Russian trade amid Western sanctions and India after the Ukraine war. Before that, it is China, which is buying the most oil from Russia. “We highly appreciate the balanced position of our Chinese friends regarding the Ukrainian crisis. We understand your questions and concerns in this regard,” Putin said in his opening speech during his meeting with Xi Jinping.

What did the Chinese president say?

At the same time, during the meeting with Putin, Xi Jinping said that “China will work with Russia to enhance strong mutual support on issues related to each other’s core interests” and “inject stability and positive energy into a world of change and disorder”. will play a leading role in doing so.” According to the readout provided by the Chinese Foreign Ministry during the meeting, Xi Jinping said that, “We appreciate Russia’s support for the one-China principle and stressed that Taiwan is part of China.” Let us tell you that Russia and China, both authoritarian countries are fighting with the western countries and both the countries have promised to support each other in February this year, especially during Ukraine and Taiwan crisis. We have emerged as a strong partner. China has offered tacit support for Russia’s actions in Ukraine,

What did the US say on the meeting?

The US is eyeing the ongoing SCO summit in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, and after the meeting of Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, John Kirby, the White House’s National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications, told CNN that, China has not yet met Russia. We have not violated the sanctions imposed against us and have not so far provided any direct military aid to Russia in the Ukraine war. The White House said that, “Our message to China is, we think, this is not the time to do any kind of trade with Russia, seeing what they have done inside Ukraine, we have Not only have we condemned it, but we have taken steps to help Ukrainians defend themselves and their territorial integrity.” Kirby said that Putin is “under a lot of stress and tension. In Ukraine, his military is not doing well,


emphasis on economic relations

At the start of the meeting on Thursday, Vladimir Putin emphasized the deep economic ties between China and Russia, and he emphasized that trade between the two countries has crossed $140 billion last year. President Putin said that, “I am confident that by the end of the year we will reach a new record level, and in the near future, as agreed between us, we will increase our annual trade turnover to $200 billion or more.” ” Putin last met Xi in February this year during a visit to the Chinese capital for the Winter Olympics. It was at that meeting that the two leaders formulated their “no boundaries” partnership, and issued a 5,000-word document voicing their shared opposition to “further expansion of NATO”.


Putin on America

During the meeting, the Russian President criticized those trying to “create a unipolar world”, saying that “we appreciate the balanced position of our Chinese friends in relation to the Ukrainian crisis”. Along with this, Russia clearly blamed the US for the Taiwan crisis and told China that, “We understand your questions and concerns about this.” Let us tell you that, amidst the sanctions of Western countries, Russia has focused on increasing trade in Asia and China is the biggest market in Russia’s eyes. At the same time, many analysts say that the Russian President has emphasized the importance of Asia. Alexander Gabuev, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, wrote in Foreign Affairs magazine that, ”

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What is the importance of Russia to China?

Certainly, China has given Russia economic life after the Ukraine war, when all the western countries including America caught Russia in the trap of sanctions. However, it has also affected China’s business, which has projected itself as the largest market for Russian goods and has emerged as the largest importer of Russian oil after the Ukraine war. However, even after this, China understands that if it gives excessive support to Russia, then the displeasure of the Western countries may be overshadowed by it, because European countries are the biggest market for Chinese goods. But, even after that, it has become most important for China to support Russia, because both countries share a border line of more than 4 thousand kilometers and Russia is getting other raw materials from China in exchange for cheap oil,

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