How Biden Would Launch Nuclear Weapons Using Football To Biscuits

The public has seen glimpses of “Football”, officially called the President’s Emergency Bag. But it is more secret than this, another thing which is necessary to start a nuclear war is – “Biscuits”.  joe-biden

The doomsday of nuclear war can start with ‘Football’. This so-called “nuclear football” is such a box that the US President carries with him wherever he goes. You can be deceived by looking at this almost packed black bag. But its importance can be recognized from the fact that you will never see it apart from the hands of a uniformed military assistant. Within it are the Top Secret codes and plans that give the President the ability to carry out nuclear attacks. At the same time, the President can also choose where in the world he wants to conduct a nuclear attack.


In the White House , the President has a special chamber, in which he can order war and communicate with military leaders. But when President Joe Biden, for example, when Biden was visiting Puerto Rico, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Marylang, this “football” swirled with him everywhere.

According to Biden, Russian President Vladimir Putin gives the world a “war warning” when he points to a nuclear war experiment against Ukraine.

If this happens, the American counter-attack could come from the back seat of his black limousine, his plane Air Force One or from a secret bunker.

Or again from anywhere where “football” and the president will be together.

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The public has glimpsed “football”, officially called the President’s Emergency Bag. But it is more secret than this, another thing that is necessary to start a nuclear war is “biscuit”.

If “Football” has war plans, then “Biscuit” has its codes, called the Gold Code. By which the President can identify himself and give orders.

A credit card-sized biscuit is always with the President. No matter how ultra-secret, and ultra-secure it may be, both have their own dangers.

Bill Clinton is said to have forgotten to put the “biscuit” somewhere, so when Reagan went to surgery after being shot, in 1981 his “biscuit” was put in a hospital plastic bag with his clothes.

When Donald Trump’s aides stormed the US Parliament on January 6, Vice President Mike Pence was hiding in a safe with military aid holding a “backup football”.
In this manner, the day of 19 November 2021 was historic for America. On this day, Biden had an operation under anesthesia and his vice president, Kamala Harris, became the first American woman to be commander in chief. During this, he had both biscuits and football for 85 minutes.

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