India as a global power, leaving China-Pakistan behind, will shoulder global responsibilities.

Emerging Power India: India, which was counted among the backward countries till a few years ago, is now becoming a major global power in the world. In the next few months, the command of many influential organisations of the world is going to be received, which will increase its power manifold.India Global Power in World

India Global Power in World

The efforts being made by the Modi government for the last few years are now paying off. Under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, India now seems to be establishing itself as a major global power in the world. This year India is going to get the command of major international organizations of the world. Along with this, discussions are also going on to include him in the G-7, the organization of the world’s richest countries. If this happens, the name of this organization will be changed to G-8.

India got the command of SCO

The chairmanship of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has come to India and its conference will be held in India in September next year. Apart from India, Russia, China, Pakistan and 5 countries of Central Asia are included in this organization. Being the chairman of this conference, India will be able to crack down on Pakistan by passing resolutions on issues like terrorism and foreign funding.

G-20 to be chaired in December

At the same time, India will also get the chairmanship of the G-20, the main organization of the developed and developing countries of the world, in December this year. Next year the conference of this influential organization will be held in India. This organization includes many influential countries including America, Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Britain, France, Australia, Saudi Arabia.

According to sources, as the president of the organization, India will invite its friendly countries Egypt, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Nigeria, Oman, Netherlands, Spain, Singapore and United Arab Emirates to attend this conference as guest countries. By doing this, India will be able to further expand its influence in Asia, Europe, Africa. With this, the impact of India will be visible in every part of the world.

Will play the role of leader again in UNSC

In December this year, there will be a chance to chair the world’s most powerful organization, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). The command of the council will remain with India for about a month. During this time he will be in a position to take a decisive stand on all the global issues of the world and those decisions will have an impact on the whole world. With the presidency of UNSC, the term of India’s 2-year temporary membership in the council will also end.

There is also talk of making a permanent member of G-7.

This is not the only glimpse of India’s growing global influence in the world. Discussions are also going on to include him in the G-7, an organization of the world’s richest 7 countries. India has overtaken Britain to become the world’s 5th largest economy last month. Recently, there was a G-7 conference in Germany, in which the host country had invited India as a guest country. But now the discussion of making India a permanent member of this organization is gaining momentum. If this happens, the organization will be renamed G-8 again. At the same time, India’s global power will also increase manifold. Russia was also involved in this organization but later it was expelled.

india’s growing stature in the world

According to experts who keep an eye on the changing equations in the world, getting the command of such important global organizations shows that now the world is trusting the emerging India and wants to see it as a leader. With this, India’s stature in world diplomacy seems to be increasing. Defense experts say that
getting the command of many international organizations is a big diplomatic victory for India. It is believed that through the presidency of these organizations, India will leave a big diplomatic impression on the world.

India ready to play future role

According to former Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla, India’s role in the changing world has become increasingly important in the last few years. Getting the presidency of SCO, G-20 and UNSC indicates what kind of role India is going to play in future. China and Pakistan are also watching this growing stature of India in the world, but they are currently feeling helpless in stopping it.

China-Pakistan eyes on India

Abdul Basil, former High Commissioner of Pakistan, who was posted in India, believes that India’s diplomatic power is increasing continuously in the world. All the countries of the world are now engaged in increasing mutual cooperation with India. Its economy has also reached number 5, leaving Britain behind. Now after getting the chairmanship of so many global organizations, India will try to bring itself to the center of geo-politics of the world. What will be the effect of this wish of India on China and Pakistan, it will be a matter to be seen.

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