India’s Rafale Vs Pak & China’s J-10 Fighter

India’s Rafale Vs Pak & China’s J-10 Fighter: To counter India’s Rafale fighter jet imported from France, China has given a consignment of J-10C planes to Pakistan. But how strong is the technology of China in front of the technology of France.

India's Rafale Vs Pak & China's J-10 Fighter



  • Rafale is a state-of-the-art fighter jet with the best technology in the world.
  • China’s J-10 is a copy of Israel’s 34-year-old technology.
  • Rafale is also capable of carrying out a nuclear attack.

India’s Rafale Vs Pak & China’s J-10 Fighter:

To counter India’s Rafale fighter jet imported from France, China has given a consignment of J-10C planes to Pakistan. But to know how strong China’s technology is in front of France’s technology, where Pakistan’s and China’s J-10 stand in front of Rafale, let us explain to you the features of both fighter jets. After this you will be able to decide for yourself how much J-10 of China and Pakistan will be able to compete with Rafale of India?

India has 36 Rafale fighter jets. Now Pakistan has ordered the same number of J-10 aircraft from China to counter it. China has now given its second consignment to Pakistan. So far, China has given 14 J-10 aircraft to Pakistan. It is yet to get 22 more J-10 fighter jets. In this way, Pakistan will also have 36 J-10 fighter jets received from China against 36 Rafale aircraft of India. Let us now tell you the features of China’s J-10 and India’s Rafale aircraft. The Rafale planes have been made by a French company. While the J-10 is manufactured by China’s Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group.


missile capability

Rafale has high range missile capability. In this, the Mica and IIR Imaging Infrared Missile, considered the world’s most dangerous, can be loaded. Whereas J-10C has lower range missile capability, in which only missiles like PL-8/9 can be loaded. The firepower of Rafale is globally high. Whereas the firepower of J-10 is much less than that of Rafale. Rafale has experience in combat operations in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Mali. Whereas the J-10 does not have this experience. Although both fighter jets belong to the 4.5 generation.

Other Features of Rafale and J-10

Nuclear missiles can also be fired from Rafale. Whereas J-10 does not have this feature. The J-10 is made by stealing Israeli technology, which Israel has stopped 34 years ago. While Rafale is a French aircraft with state-of-the-art Global Acceptance technology. Cruise missiles have been installed to hit air to air through Rafale. Whose capacity is up to 300 km away. The J-10 is also capable of air to air strikes. Rafale has an Advanced Radar Target Detection System. Rafale is also more capable than being about a ton heavier than Pakistan’s J-10.

Rafale has Beyond Visual Range (WVR) combat capability. It has excellent capability of radar and missile, which can identify and penetrate any enemy base. While J-10 has Chinese Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) in 1200 T/R module. That is, the radar operator of J-10 is less powerful than Rafale. Rafale has RBE-2 system, which is better than all other T/R modules.

Other features of Rafale

Apart from this, the wing span of the Rafale is 10.90 meters, which makes it easy to fly in all weather even in difficult mountainous areas. It can fly with all the dangerous missiles of the world with it. It is also capable of carrying out nuclear attack. It has electronic warfare technology, which is the hallmark of the world’s best fighter aircraft. Rafale is capable of hitting the ground as well. In this, the extremely lethal Scalp missile can be loaded for air-to-surface missiles. Rafale has 4 turbo system. While the J-10 has a 2-turbo system.

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