Reason Why Bad Breath can come from your mouth?

Bad Breath: Bad breath can embarrass you in front of others. You start getting scared even to open your mouth or laugh openly in front of friends, family and unknown people. Your confidence can also be shaken due to bad breath. There are many reasons for bad breath , one of which can also be your protein diet. Yes, protein can also cause bad breath. Also Read – These are the tremendous benefits of drinking ghee mixed with milk, if you know, you will always do so

Four Reason of Bad Breath:

  1. Due to cold and flu
  2. stench also comes due to depression medicine
  3. Zinc deficiency also causes bad breath
  4. Bad breath comes due to protein


Common problem is halitosis

Bad breath is a common problem and mainly due to weak digestion power. Many times we eat something that is not easily digested. Consuming such food and the indigestion caused by it can lead to heartburn, flatulence and acidity. When this happens, bad breath comes from the mouth. Therefore, you should avoid eating such things which are not easily digested. Also Read – Home Remedies for Cough: If you have a bad condition by coughing, then adopt these 9 home remedies, you will get relief in cough and relief in throat

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Due to cold and flu, there is a bad smell from the mouth.

With the change of season, cold and cold is a common problem. Respiratory infections like cold or bronchitis can also cause bad breath. This is because bacteria are present in the mucus during a cold. In this problem, there is often a problem of nasal congestion and breathing through the mouth when the nose is closed. In breathing through the mouth, the mouth becomes dry and bad breath starts. Also Read – The smell of the mouth will now be easily removed, do these 6 measures by staying at home

The stench also comes due to depression medicine

If you take medicine for depression or take medicine to get rid of the problem of allergies, then you may have bad breath. This happens because 400 such drugs block the flow of saliva in the mouth. Saliva keeps bacteria away from the mouth. If you are taking any such medicine then you should increase the amount of liquid. You can also keep bad breath away by chewing sugarfree chewing gum.

Zinc deficiency also causes bad breath

If there is a deficiency of zinc in your body, then your breath may have bad breath. If you are suffering from any gum disease or you have diabetes, then even in such a situation you may have a problem of bad breath. To avoid bad breath due to zinc deficiency, you should eat such food, which is rich in zinc. Apart from this, rinse regularly and clean the mouth thoroughly.

Bad breath comes due to protein

Many people take low carb and high protein diet to stay healthy and lose weight. People who control their food in this way often have bad breath. Ketones are formed during the process of burning fat in the body of people who follow this type of diet. Ketones cause bad breath. To avoid this problem, you should chew chewing gum after sometime.

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