Russia Crimea Bridge: Russia stunned by Crimea bridge blast amid war, now Putin has issued this decree

Crimea Russia Key Bridge: A major explosion occurred on a bridge connecting the Crimea peninsula with Russia. After this, the Russian President has signed a decree to strengthen the system of security.Russia Crimea Bridge


Russia Crimea Bridge Attack: A video went viral on social media yesterday (Saturday), in which a huge explosion is seen on a bridge. This video was from the Kerch Strait of Russia, the bridge on which the fire broke out connects Crimea with Russia. Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 in violation of international law. After this horrific explosion, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed an order to further improve the security system. The order emphasizes strengthening the security of vehicles passing through the Kerch Strait and the power grid with Crimea and the main gas pipeline of the peninsula.

Russia’s emphasis on security

Referring to a decree published in the Kremlin on Saturday, Xinhua news agency said that Putin has ordered the Russian Federal Security Service to work effectively on security-related aspects. Significantly, on Saturday, there was an explosion on the 19-km-long Crimean Bridge. The All-Russian Union of Insurers reported that the blot on the Crimea Bridge caused a loss of between 200 and 500 million rubles. Let us tell you that after the explosion of the truck on the bridge, seven fuel tanks of a train going towards the Crimean peninsula caught fire. There is also news of the death of three people in this horrific blast.

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Crimea chief gave this statement

Crimea’s premier Sergei Aksyonov has said that vehicular movement has now been reopened along with the entire inspection process as trucks need to cross the Kerch Strait. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnulin said late Saturday that rail service on the bridge has been fully restored and all scheduled trains for both passengers and freight can cross the bridge.

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